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switch on (oneshot)

switch on
b.a.p, daehyun/jongeob, pg-13, 1090w
a/n: because the "Turn It Up" choreography does things to me.

"You need to stop that."

Jongeob meant it as a joke, but when Daehyun paused mid-step and glanced Jongeob's way, perplexed, he felt startled. He tried to laugh it off and smiled as Daehyun continued to stare curiously at him.

"You know," he sighed, but his voice went uncomfortably high. He cleared his throat. "You don't have to be so, you know, into it."

The Daehyun who blinked a few times and shrugged was a completely different boy from the person who just seconds ago had been rehearsing in front of the wall-length mirror. The others had long retired to the dorm, leaving the two of them alone to continue practicing. Jongeob hadn't been tired then, he could never sleep without completely wearing out his muscles, and Daehyun had insisted that he needed more practice. Now, with this awkward silence hanging between them, Jongeob wished he'd just left.

The thing about Daehyun was that, most of the time, he was calm, quiet, nonchalant about everything. He could crack a joke when he wanted, but he was in general a neutral, warm existence, not unlike Jongeob himself. Compared to the raging, unpredictable personalities they had to live and work with, Jongeob actually rather liked having someone around like Daehyun. When Daehyun was asked to be sexy, though, he could transform in a way Jongeob could not.

"I was just doing what I always do," Daehyun finally answered as he shoved his hands into the front pocket of his sweatshirt. "What's wrong with it?"

Immediately Jongeob felt painfully guilty. From the beginning Daehyun had lacked confidence in his dancing, and he was always looking to the others, especially Jongeob, for advice. He'd obviously taken Jongeob's off-hand comment as criticism. "Nothing, nothing, you're just really good at that, hyung."

"At what?"

To his horror, Jongeob felt his face go hot. "The faces. The acting part of it."

A small smile spread across Daehyun's face.

"See!" Jongeob exclaimed. "You knew what I was talking about!"

Daehyun shrugged again. "Do you want to practice more?"

"Sure," he replied, relieved for the change of subject. Daehyun jogged over to the CD player and pressed the play button before rejoining Jongeob in front of the mirror. This late at night, the heavy beat of "Burn It Up" seemed terribly loud as it reverberated off the practice room walls.

Jongeob took a deep breath and flipped a switch in his mind. The switch was completely imaginary, something he created in order to get him into the right mood. When he danced, he wasn't the same old happy, pleased Jongeob. He could be stronger, tougher, he could leave an everlasting impression. When a song played, Jongeob closed his eyes and pictured a small lever in his brain sliding over with a sharp click.

His hips started moving, and he opened his eyes just in time to catch Daehyun's eye at exactly the wrong moment. The result was Jongeob's face flushing right down to the neck as he sputtered and forgot the choreography. The look in Daehyun's eyes had caused an electric shock which flipped Jongeob's switch right back over and wreaked havoc on his internal wiring. Daehyun was nearly rolling with laughter when Jongeob regained enough composure to speak.

"Y-you did that on purpose!"

"Maybe." Daehyun grinned. There was something hidden in that grin which caused another quick spark.

And he could find no answer to that. He felt overheated and couldn't help but notice his bright red face in the giant mirror. "Why did you do that?" he demanded in his best no-nonsense voice which was admittedly not as convincing as he would've liked. If Daehyun shrugged again, Jongeob silently swore to unleash Himchan in all his annoying fury. Luckily Himchan's services came at a cheap price-- two packs of cup noodles.

But Daehyun didn't shrug. He continued to smile and sidled up to Jongeob, the smile growing all the way. "Because I think you like it."

Jongeob's mind was anything but ready for that. Wires fizzled. The were small puffs of smoke where thoughts should be.

"You do, don't you?" Daehyun was grinning and chattering away, which Jongeob managed to register as unusual for the quiet boy. "You like the faces I make when we perform. I bet you like them even more because I'm dancing like that." He was less than a meter away now, just slightly bent over Jongeob, who was steadily being trapped between his friend and the mirrored wall.

"I-I don't--" he insisted, but Daehyun cut him off with another chuckle.

"You're such a bad liar." He was so close that the front of his sweatshirt where his hands rested bumped against Jongeob's stomach. Jongeob felt impossibly warm but also regretted opting for a thin white tank top; Daehyun was safely bundled in his clothes and Jongeob felt utterly exposed. "Would you like to see them up close?"

Jongeob choked on his words, whatever they were. All words vanished from his mind as Daehyun succeeded in closing the tiny bit of remaining space between them. Jongeob's back hit the mirror and Daehyun's hands moved from his pocket to Jongeob's waist. Full, soft lips moved against Jongeob's mouth with a thrilled confidence which only worsened Jongeob's embarrassment. Somewhere deep in a part of Jongeob's mind he'd never fully explored, another switch was flipped. He felt he should push Daehyun away, but also worried he wasn't doing a very good job at kissing back. He experimented, just once, with tilting his head back and pressing up into the kiss, and the slight gasp he earned made him dizzy. Daehyun's hands grabbed at Jongeob's waist, his nails dug into the skin near Jongeob's hipbones. His tongue licked at Jongeob's bottom lip playfully, and Jongeob responded by wrapping his arms around Daehyun's neck and parting his lips hungrily to let him in.

"Wow," Jongeob groaned when he managed to pull away for a second. Daehyun's knee was between his legs and Jongeob's hands had somehow found their way into Daehyun's hair and it was all extremely humiliating, but the warm throbbing deep inside was relaxing. He almost felt tipsy, like the few times Yonggook allowed the younger members to try his soju.

Daehyun kissed Jongeob's cheek, then his ear. His warm breath against Jongeob's skin made him shiver. "I think I'll be needing late night dance practice more often."

Jongeob hummed and let his lips brush against Daehyun's. "I think I can help with that, hyung." He smiled just before silencing Daehyun's low chuckle with his mouth.
Tags: c: daehyun, c: jongeob, korea: b.a.p, rating: pg-13
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